Mission Mars #6

The MewNowTV Science division has released formerly classified Mission Mars #6 candidate interviews to the public, and requests your documented vote as to whom should be selected to best represent the human race on Mars.

Angeline Seed

Stevie Kicks

Sto Strouss

Ragin’ Cajun

Susie Clutterbuck

Thomas Washington

Theo Von Varner

Magna Hammerschmidt

Nika Lee

Tim Thomas

Chris Williams

Brandt Richardson

Kim Lee

Dr.Kathy Stetson

Christophe Papillion

Ken Killian

Todd Stevens

Candice Chang

Jospeh Valentine

Chrissy Jackson

Nelson Garrett

Greta Müller

Money Pal

Flynn McDougall

Mitchell Hubbs

Maggie Wallace

Steve Rodgers

Tiffany September

Tina Morriney

Tim Rodgers

Roxie DJ

Marty Spitzer


Robert Bunssey

Bryan Carney