Manny’s World Of Color

Manny’s World of Color: Night Shows

In the season finale, Manny outlines your last resort when it comes to watching the Disneyland Resort’s night shows. ‘But Manny’ finally looses it, and tries to take over the show.

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Parade of Death

We talk about how you can enjoy the majesty that are Disney parades without the hassle of death. Grab a pen and take notes! Watching a parade isn’t as easy as just simply showing up.

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Happy New Year!

It’s time to learn how to endure Hell…er, um, wait, no, I mean, the Magic Kingdom of New Years Eve! It’s the busiest time of the year, and we’re going to learn everything we can in order to make this day as enjoyable as possible!

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Ho Ho Ho

Manny walks you through the intensive Christmas extravaganza that is the Disney Parks in December!

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Explosions in the sky

In the most explosive episode yet, we learn all about the fireworks shows across the Disney parks, and the best way to view them!

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Halloween, boo

Extremely terrifying things happen on Halloween. Join Manny as he details some of the happenings that take place in the Disney theme parks during this time of the year. Also, don’t wet yourself…because ghosts…and spooks! Boo!

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