Class Act

Episode 1 –
Welcome to Class

“Over-the-hill” actress Jamie Prescott rescues new friend Ariel from the evil casting director Zelda, setting off a chain of events, creating a brand new acting class and mentoring young hopeful actors – who are now in Zelda’s sights.

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Episode 2 – Music Man

Beating the odds isn’t easy when an evil casting director attempts to thwart your every move. Terrified Theo faces an upcoming audition with Zelda and Jamie has just the right class visitor to calm his nerves – though he may turn the whole class into a frenzy. And not just the kids.

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Episode 3 – Movie Magic

Theo faces his dreaded Zeldition. Panicked Jamie is comforted by filmmaker boyfriend Fritz, who may have just the opportunity to save the class – though love triangles and career jealousy threaten to tear them apart first.

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Episode 4 – Criss Cross

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