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Imagine a cosplay meet up centered around Pokémon fandom, taking place at one of the most famous and treasured parks in Los Angeles just minutes from the big Hollywood studios; organized by passionate gamer Pablo Torres with the aid of Nerd Media Company Nerdbot, involving games, photoshoots, prizes, and excursions… all for free. Pretty unbelievable, right? Not so – this is POKEOASIS, and it is here to stay.


Pokeoasis’ third year event was a huge success at Griffith Park. Moving from last year’s Site B location of Oceanside to Site C in Los Angeles, the cosplay and fandom event returned with additional funding, guests, prizes, fanfare and enthusiasm, making it a MUST to attend for SoCal cosplayers, Pokémon fans, or really anyone looking to get out in the sun with a great group of people celebrating what they love.

A team of ZombieCON and MewNowTV videographers had the great fortune to be invited to return for the second year in a row to ‘CATCH’ all the awesome cosplay and games on film – and it was a BLAST!

Guests in attendance ranged from small children to adults, yet the enthusiasm and creative costuming were unanimous. There’s a very different feeling in the air when cosplay events are organized at the indie level, a certain charisma and passion that carries through to everyone who attends, and this one was no exception.
The schedule included Pokémon Go excursions, involving guests in full cosplay searching, running and playing around the park in an extremely realistic live game, a hike up to the old abandoned safari park which served as the perfect location for Pokémon cosplay photoshoots (groups and singles), 3DS gaming tournaments, Pokémon TCG playing, personalized one of a kind amigos on display, a cosplay contest for which there were multiple categories and winners, and a raffle with tons of drool-worthy nerd and gaming prizes!

Though Pokeoasis will undoubtedly continue to grow and expand, it’s safe to say that the event has already captured the SoCal cosplay community’s heart. We just can’t wait for Pokémon IV!

For full album of photos and video from the event, head to ZombieCON’s Facebook.

Video (& Several Photos) Featuring:
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Stock Media provided by VEZALIR / Pond5

Stock Media provided by Anton_Krinitsin / Pond5

Stock Media provided by MelonTree / Pond5

Stock Media provided by SkittlegirlSound / Pond5

For more information on ZombieCON or MewNowTV, visit zombieconmovie.com or contact erin@bigsquidproductions.com

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