A Conventional Upgrade: Comic Excitement Convention

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A Conventional Upgrade: Comic Excitement Convention 

An LA-based con with a $10,000 Cosplay Contest cash prize?! The brand new Comic Excitement Convention was not one to miss. Comic Excitement took over the Los Angeles Convention Center January 14-15th 2017, boasting awesome vendors, high caliber celebrity guests, a competition that had talented cosplayers vying for a shot at the grand prize, and the team behind ZombieCON the movie was there to capture every part of the excitement.


 Erin Áine, Kyle F. Valle & Manny Luke of the ZombieCON team at Comic Excitement, Day #2


From jumping aboard the newest hovercraft, “Hover Star H1”…

Nothin' but air! The Hover Star creators claim it can travel up to 5 miles and reach an altitude of 6-15 feet. Way cool.

Talk about a smoooooth ride — The Hover Star creators claim it can travel up to 5 miles and reach an altitude of 6-15 feet. Way cool. 



To chatting moviemaking, armor building and anything comic-related with new friends…

(Clockwise from top right) 1. Stormtrooper business! We spent most of Day #1 chatting with these amazing cosplayers, really wonderful people, hope to con together again soon 🙂 Checkout Instagram @Stormtrooperbusiness; 2. This Lugi is the BOMB! So original! Killing it on Instagram @cave8theman); 3. They ain’t afraid of no ghost! These ghostbusters have everything – even business cards – for their ghostbusting services!) Talk about detailed cosplay!; 4. Manny and this awesome Link cosplayer must have must have chatted Link games and fandom for half an hour!! #obsessed; 5. Snapchats with new friends because look at that face! Nice guy, cool makeup/mask job — he would suddenly jump full into character and lunge out and spook the living **** out of you — scared Erin half to death. twice. So much fun!


To fun photo opportunities… 

The step and repeat banner at Comic Excitement was right next to the stage housing the Cosplay Contest & Fashion Show... great views! We were working the booth almost 24/7 though so we snuck these in quick Day #1. The Canon C100 works beautifully on the go

The step and repeat banner at Comic Excitement was right next to the stage hosting the $10,000 Cosplay Contest & Sunday’s Cosplay Fashion Show  — Which was one of the  best moments of the whole convention, with a talented DJ keeping the crowd’s energy and mood at a constant high while a nonstop stream of amazing talent walked the runway in all of our favorite anime, sci-fi movie, and comic characters…. it was a blast. Epic. We geeked out — Especially when our friend and cosplaying actress in ZombieCON Sarah Storm strutted (rocked) the contest runway as Hawkgirl —  she won best superhero!!!!! Watch how she built her cosplay, instagram: @sarah_storm_cosplay and check her out in ZombieCON the movie, coming soon.  



Comic Excitement 2017 Best Superhero – WINNER – Sarah Storm


… Even SUPERHERO movie, life, and business advice — Sam J. Jones “the Flash” stopped by our ZombieCON booth!!

We talked ZombieCON and shared stories of life and the biz — Sam J. Jones “the Flash” shared words of wisdom with filmmaking fiancés Kyle F. Valle and Erin Áine. He’s a total class act.  


   ….Not to mention a front-row view for the $10,000 Cosplay Contest – captured by our own Manny Luke — which featured an astounding array of cosplayers — from toddlers who could barely walk the stage to megalithic 10 ft. Overwatch characters…

*Full photo album available on ZombieCon’s Facebook (click)

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