Our Goal is to entertain you!

Our Mission

Make entertainment affordable for everyone on the planet and ensure you don’t waste another moment watching dull content. We know procrastination time is limited – we are here to make sure it’s not spent in vain!
With your help and support we will continue to create fun, original and inspiring art – art, which; challenges the individual and the collective – some serious, some funny, all fun. Our continued goal is to bring people together through entertainment.

Interactivity is in our DNA

From comedy to drama, we here at MewNowTV will be bringing exciting, fun and invasively interactive material!
Starting with ‘Mission Mars #6’ we are moving towards a completely interactive space. One which gives you unprecedented access to content, material and stories. Join our family and let’s create some cool shit and just maybe change the world in the process. 🙂

Who we are

We are a family of young artists working day and night to give you guys awesome content. MewNowTV.com was created in 9 months working with very little in the way of resources and short on time; prevailing every step of the way, we wil not stop until you are entertained.

Be part of the revolution

We will be releasing documentaries, live comedy specials, feature length films, live interactive games, apps, news, and much much more.
Apart from sharing excitingly refreshing content, our motto is: “Always Evolve”, so you get our very best at all times.

We strive to Create, Creativity.

Searching to create and foster partnerships with other independent content creators. The goal is to build an ever growing indie driven distribution platform controlled by content creators.

Aiming to act as a lifeline for independent content producers, we look to provide a second revenue stream and an independent and indie driven platform for said work.

In doing so we strive to create a protective and creatively energized home for independent producers to come together and create in a more community based and exclusive way.

Let the digital renaissance begin! : )

– Team MewNow